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Precision Leak Detection for the Oil & Gas Industry


Efficient and Cost-Effective Pipeline Inspection

The B.C.K-9 Odorant Method. Our experienced lead technician will initiate the inspection process by introducing B.C.K-9 Odorant into the pipeline prior to pressurization. Following a 24-hour period to allow the specialized odorant to reach the surface, our highly trained canine teams will conduct a thorough inspection along the right of way. This methodology has been proven to effectively save our Oil & Gas clients valuable time, resources, and money while providing reliable results.

Maintenance Inspections

Maximizing Compliance and Minimizing Risk through Proactive Maintenance Inspections. With the evolution of regulatory standards, the demand for thorough maintenance inspections has increased. Our highly skilled canine teams are equipped to identify potential issues before they escalate into significant risk factors. To meet the needs of our clients, we offer flexible maintenance inspection scheduling packages, including monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual options. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your specific needs and requirements.

Illegal Taps

Regardless of the valuable substance flowing through your pipelines, including oil, ethylene, propane, the threat of illegal tapping is a persistent challenge. At Blue Collar K9 Leak Detection, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive solution to this problem with the help of our highly specialized sniffing dogs, trained to accurately locate and detect illegal taps


What Do We Do?

Efficient and Accurate Leak Detection with Blue Collar K-9 LLC. As a trusted provider of leak detection services, Blue Collar K-9 LLC leverages the expertise of highly trained K-9 teams and the innovative B.C.K-9 Odorant technology, developed in collaboration with industry leaders such as Imperial Oil and Exxon Mobil. Our teams are capable of covering extensive distances, up to 18-21 km per day, even in challenging environments and weather conditions, providing a cost-effective solution for the oil and gas industry. The rigorous daily training regimen of our canines and handlers equips them with the necessary stamina and endurance to perform the most efficient leak detection services, making them a valuable complement to hydrostatic testing and in-line services.

Expert Leak Detection Services from Blue Collar K-9 LLC - Your Partner on the East Coast. Based in Lancaster County, PA, Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection is the premier provider of canine pipeline leak detection services on the East Coast. Our unique advantage lies in our 24/7 access to private jet charters, enabling our K-9 teams and handlers to reach your job site within hours, ensuring prompt and reliable leak detection services.



What sets BCK-9 Leak Detection apart from other conventional methodologies?  

Proven Precision in Leak Detection with Blue Collar K-9 LLC. At Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, our approach to leak detection has demonstrated consistent success in precisely locating even the smallest of leaks, particularly in subsurface pipelines. Our method has been proven to deliver accurate results, giving our clients peace of mind and the assurance of safe and efficient pipeline operations.

Do you use Mercaptan? 

No! Mercaptan odorants usually employed in this technique are water soluble, and migrate with the aqueous phase of the standard test-fluid, to give imprecise or erroneous locations for leaks.

Is your test-fluid safe for the canines?

At Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, our teams utilize a specially formulated odorant that is safe and effective when used in accordance with established protocols and guidelines.

Can Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection detect leaks on in-service lines?

"By utilizing the expertise of our highly trained canines and the advanced B.C.K-9 Odorant system, we are able to minimize any potential downtime during the leak detection process. Our methodology allows for the inspection to be conducted while the pipeline remains in service, thereby optimizing operational efficiency and reducing associated costs.

How accurate are the K-9s in detecting leaks?

At Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, our canine teams have demonstrated the ability to detect even the smallest pipeline leaks on a parts-per-billion level with pinpoint accuracy. This level of precision surpasses the capabilities of traditional measurement equipment, allowing for a more efficient and effective solution for oil and gas companies.

How does Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection benefit companies?

By utilizing the expertise of Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, oil and gas companies can expect to benefit from significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. Our canine-led approach eliminates the need for extensive manpower, equipment usage, and right-of-way damages, streamlining the leak detection process and reducing overall costs.




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