24/7 Emergency Call-Out Services 


K-9 Pipeline Leak Detection 

Upon arrival, the lead technician will inject B.C.K-9 Odorant into the pipeline before the line is pressurized. After allowing 24 hours for the specialized odorant to rise to the surface, our canine teams will inspect along the right of way. This method saves the Oil & Gas company time, manpower, equipment usage, and money.

24/7 Emergency Response Line

At Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, we have a 24/7 Emergency Response line. Available for worldwide deployment on such short notice. The second the BCK-9 Leak Detection contract is signed we are up in the air and at your job site in less than 12hrs.

Maintenance Inspections

Changing regulations have called for a higher demand of Maintenance Inspections. Our Canine teams are capable of locating potential problems before they become a major risk. Monthly, Bi- Monthly, quarterly and six months maintenance inspection scheduling packages available. Contact us for a package that suits your needs.


What Do We Do?

Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, LLC provide leak detection K-9s to pinpoint leaks precisely with our industry approved B.C.K-9 Odorant. Our specialized odorant system was developed by Imperial Oil & Exxon Mobil. At Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, our K9 teams are able to cover approximately 18- 21km per day depending on terrain and weather saving the oil and gas company a substantial amount of money. Our day to day rigorous training gives our canines and handlers the stamina and endurance to provide the most efficient leak detection services. Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection K-9s work well alongside hydrostatic testing and in-line services.

Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, LLC is based out of Lancaster County, PA, the one and only Canine Pipeline Leak Detection company on the East Coast. What sets Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection apart from others, is having 24hr access to private jet charters allowing our K-9s and Handlers to be at your job site within hours.



What sets BCK-9 Leak Detection apart from other conventional methodologies?  

At Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, our method has shown capabilities to consistently and precisely locate pin-hole leaks, particularly in subsurface pipelines.

Is your test-fluid safe for the canines?

At Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection, our teams use a specialized odorant that is non-toxic when used in low concentrations. 

Can Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection detect leaks on in-service lines?

The advantage of using highly trained canines and B.C.K-9 Odorant is that any "down time" of the pipeline being tested is minimized and leak- location may be conducted while the line remains in service.

Do you use Mercaptan? 

No! Mercaptan odorants usually employed in this technique are water soluble, and migrate with the aqueous phase of the standard test-fluid, to give imprecise or erroneous locations for leaks.

How accurate are the K-9s in detecting leaks?

Our highly trained K-9s are one of the most accurate and economical way to detect oil, natural gas, & illegal taps in pipelines companies didn't know they have.

How does Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection benefit companies?

Using Blue Collar K-9 Leak Detection services will save your company time, money, manpower, and any ROW damages due to heavy equipment usage.




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